Orthoptic Assessment

It’s a series of evaluations of how one’s overall functions of both eyes as a pair . Binocular vision is very important to keep our eyes aligned and move symmetrically. Our brain fuses the two images which received from the two eyes and produces a colorful, three dimensional single image. This visual information processed is fundamental for one to see the surroundings and interpret what you see. We used vision so much more than the other senses to gather information from the environment. So if the brain receives incorrect information its interpretations are not going to be accurate.

So what happens if your eyes are not giving correct information. Many have trouble judging distances while some struggle with assess colors , size and orientation.Most of the time a child will easily become lost and disorientated or struggle with fine and gross motor skills in another word can become a slow learner.

During orthoptic assessment orthoptist will assess not only the sharpness of the vision, they assess quality , and stability of binocular functions. According to the findings your eye doctor will decide management of the condition.

Sometimes it can be therapeutic glasses, prisms or filters. Most of the conditions will get benefited by doing vision therapy. There are few conditions which have to be sent for surgical correction .
Now we are in a position to help most of the conditions with the help of the latest technology which was not treatable a few years ago.